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>> Top 100 of 2005
 Top Charting Progressive Albums of 2005
Pos. Album Title Band/Artist Label Weeks
at #1 on Program
1 Francis The Mute Francis The Mute The Mars Volta Universal 7
2 Deadwing Deadwing Porcupine Tree Atlantic/Lava 19
3 Hinterland Hinterland Wobbler Laser's Edge 9
4 Nil Novo Sub Sole Nil Novo Sub Sole Nil Unicorn 1
5 Parade/Live At Nearfest Parade/Live At Nearfest* Miriodor Cuneiform
6 Ghost Reveries Ghost Reveries Opeth Roadrunner
7 Present Present Van Der Graaf Generator EMI 1
8 S.U.S.A.R. S.U.S.A.R Indukti Laser's Edge

9 Second Life Syndrome Second Life Syndrome Riverside Inside Out 1
10 Octavarium Octavarium Dream Theater Atlantic
11 The Way Up The Way Up Pat Metheny Group Nonesuch
12 Leap Second Neutral Leap Second Neutral Machine And The Synergetic Nuts Cuneiform 4
13 The Origin Of Consciousness The Origin Of Consciousness The Underground Railroad Independent
14 The First Chapter The First Chapter Circus Maximus Sensory
15 Emissaries Emissaries Radio Massacre International Cuneiform
16 The Inconsolable Secret The Inconsolable Secret Glass Hammer Arion
17 The Water Sprite The Water Sprite Noekk Prophecy
18 Octane Octane Spock's Beard Insideout
19 The Fullness Of Time The Fullness Of Time Redemption Sensory
20 The Dreams Of Men The Dreams Of Men Pallas Insideout
21 The End Is Beautiful The End Is Beautiful Echolyn Velveteen
22 Seven Deadly Songs Seven Deadly Songs Lord Of Mushrooms Lion
23 Amino Acid Flashback Amino Acid Flashback Ohm Blacknote
24 I On U I On U Neal Schon Favored Nations
25 Shade Of Fate Shade Of Fate Pantommind Sensory
26 Believe Believe Pendragon Toff
27 Willowglass Willowglass Willowglass Independent
28 The Quiet Room The Quiet Room Alec K. Redfearn And The Eyesores Cuneiform
29 Pepper's Ghost Pepper's Ghost Arena InsideOut
30 Against The Clock Against The Clock Allan Holdsworth Alternity 1
31 Picture Picture Kino InsideOut
32 Cosmic Troubadour Cosmic Troubadour Billy Sheehan Favored Nations
33 Question ? Neal Morse Metal Blade
34 A Great Inhumane Adventure A Great Inhumane Adventure* Present Cuneiform
35 Side One Side One Adrian Belew Sanctuary
36 In The Kingdom Of Kitsch You Will Be A Monster In The Kingdom Of Kitsch You Will Be A Monster Shining Rune Grammofon
37 Soleil 12 Soleil 12 Forgas Band Phenomena Cuneiform
38 Cerulean Blue Cerulean Blue Rain Telos
39 KA KA Magma Seventh 2
40 Peering Over Clouds Peering Over Clouds Don Schiff The Tank
41 Closer Than Skin Closer Than Skin David Cross Noisy
42 Live In Zaandam Live In Zaandam* Soft Machine Legacy Moonjune
43 Elements Of Persuasion Elements Of Persuasion James Labrie InsideOut
44 Rude Rude Pierre Vervloesem Carbon 7
45 Evening Games Evening Games Satellite Independent
46 Mind Revolutions Mindrevolutions Kaipa InsideOut
47 Helmet Of Gnats Helmet Of Gnats Helmet Of Gnats Ambient 3
48 Album One (Descuento) Album 1 (Desceunto) Yonhosago Lizard
49 Airback Airback NDIO Cuneiform
50 Upriver Upriver YO MILES! Henry Kaiser/Wadada Leo Smith Cuneiform
51 Book Of The Dead Book Of The Dead K2 Progrock
52 Recollection Harvest Recollection Harvest Djam Karet Cuneiform
53 A Fragile Mind A Fragile Mind Zero Hour Sensory
54 The Art Of Navigating By The Stars The Art Of Navigating By The Stars Sieges Even InsideOut
55 Tales From The Soul Tales From The Soul Novact Sensory
56 Organik Organik Niacin Magna Carta
57 Pork Chop Blue Around The Rind Pork Chop Blue Around The Rind Fast N Bulbous Cuneiform
58 Mysterious Voyages: A Tribute To Weather Report Mysterious Voyages: A Tribute To Weather Report Various Artists Tone Center
59 Fortunate Observer Of Time Fortunate Observer Of Time Frogg Cafe Progrock
60 Metamorpheus Metamorpheus Steve Hackett And The Underworld Orchestra InsideOut
61 Think Like This Think Like This Jason Smith Alternity
62 Gospel For J.F.P. III Gospel For J.F.P. III Various Artists Moonjune
63 Start The Fire Live Start The Fire Live* RPWL InsideOut
64 Trithemis Festiva Trithemis Festiva Fluttr Effect Independent
65 Gluttons For Punishment Gluttons For Punishment Spock's Beard InsideOut
66 Separate Worlds Separate Worlds Nima And Merge Merge Music
67 Nebula Nebula David Hines Spice Rack
68 Part 2 The Walkabout The Walkabout: Part II Sexus House Of Not Independent
69 V V Shadow Gallery Magna Carta
70 Thanks For Flying With Us! Thanks For Flying With Us! Mats/Morgan Band Cuneiform
71 At War With Self Torn Between Dimensions At War With Self Free Electric Sound
72 Side Two Side Two Adrian Belew Sanctuary
73 Semi-Formal Semi-Formal The Claudia Quintet Cuneiform
74 Wanderlust Wanderlust Little Atlas Progrock
75 I AM I AM Tomas Bodin InsideOut
76 Black Oni Black Oni Guapo Ipecac
77 World Through My Eyes World Through My Eyes RPWL InsideOut
78 Live Archive 05 Live Archive 05* Steve Hackett InsideOut
79 Totem Totem Tuner Unsung
80 Chilling Heat Chilling Heat* Kenso King
81 Safe In Conformity Safe In Conformity Hamadryad Unicorn
82 SurREvival SurREvival Quidam Rock Serwis
83 Spectrum Spectrum Steve Howe InsideOut
84 What We Must What We Must Jaga Jazzist Small Town Supersound
85 Racket Science Racket Science Forever Einstein Cuneiform
86 Sunship Sunship Sunship Independent
87 RaptorGnosis RaptorGnosis Jack Foster III Muse-Wrapped
88 Cosmic Hug Cosmic Hug The Fareed Haque Group Magnatude
89 Life 11 AM Live 11AM* Hidria Spacefolk Nearfest
90 Motions Of Desire Motions Of Desire Magic Pie Progress
91 Takk Takk Sigur Ros Geffen
92 Real Illusions: Reflections Real Illusions: Reflections Steve Vai Favored Nations
93 Royal Albert Hall London Royal Albert Hall London* Cream Reprise
94 Suspended Animation Suspended Animation John Petrucci Sound Mind Music
95 Angher Shisspa Angher Shisspa Koenjii Hyakkei Sking Raft
96 Live Live* Scott Henderson Tone Center
97 Another Time....Another Place Another Time....Another Place Magenta F2
98 Fusion For Miles Fusion For Miles: A Guitar Tribute Various Artists Tone Center
99 Walking The Dead Live Walking The Dead: LIVE* Anekdoten Virta
100 UFOsmosis UFOsmosis Cyndee Lee Rule Independent
This was music of the final 100 discs featured on the Gagliarchives, on Programs 928 through 930 (11/26/05 to 12/10/05). Although this is the 'Top 100' of the year, there were nearly 1100 Progressive Rock related releases in the course of the year, and many genres are represented. This list was compiled through a year's worth of research from myself and all those in the Global Progressive Rock Network.I want to personally thank the thousands of listeners in the Delaware Valley, all the subscribers to the E groups at Yahoo!, the subscribers to our newsletter,  Ken Golden, Roger Beckwith, Jack Webster, Dutch Progressive Rock Website , Chad Hutchinson of Ghostland, Martin Paul, and our buddies at Misterpoll as always.
Finalized by Tom Gagliardi and Staff.