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Saturday, February 18th, 2017

Covering The World And Beyond....Join us at 10PM EDT, Saturday night for Program 1514, as we feature the third and final part of our salute to the Patron Saint to the Gagliarchives in the late great John Wetton. John was the radio program's first guest in 1992 where he was given that title for many years to come. John Wetton left us recently after a hard, and noble fight. This is the 3rd part of our series. Last Saturday we spot lit his musical career spanning the years of 1979-1997 and music from U.K., Wishbone Ash, Asia, Jack-Knife and his solo albums. We also featured interviews from Program 1052, Program 1225. This Saturday night, 2/18/17, we will bring the spotlight on the years of 1997 to the present. We'll feature highlights of our very first interview on the radio program in 1992 that was, John Wetton. We'll also include spotlights on music from Steve Hackett, David Cross, District 97, U.K., Asia, Geoff Downes, and more. We'll also spotlight his reunion with Eddie Jobson and U.K. and look at the new U.K. collectors edition box set that is currently in our Top 5. As stated last week, this is our time to celebrate his catalog and his life as he truly was the Patron Saint to the Gagliarchives Radio Program. We hope you enjoy our 3rd and final part and we hope that this series quells the sadness we feel. Also, our #1 CD for the 5th straight week in the WeeklyTop20 in Djam Karet's Sonic Celluloid.  

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Steve Hillage - Program 1384 

Steve Hillage Program 1384

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  • Another 4 Part Kosmigroove special co-hosted by Ken Golden of Laser's Edge
  • Progumentaries On Djam Karet, Echolyn, and Happy The Man.