Program 1048 - Saturday, March 15th, 2008
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10th Annual NEARfest Radio Special With Chad Hutchinson-Ray Laboda-Kevin Feeley-Jim Robinson-Jack Webster

Wammilica Iffirom  >>  Koenjii Hyakkei, Angherr Shisspa, (Poseidon, 2005) 
Deus Ex Machina  >>  Pure Reason Revolution, Live At Nearfest 2007, (LS, 2008) 
Canto IV (In Limbo)  >>  Discipline, Unfolded Like Staircase, (StrungOut, 1997) 
A Better Time (Acapella)  >>  Peter Hammill, X My Heart, (DGM, 1996) 
Kindred Spirits  >>  Liquid Tension Experiment, Liquid Tension Experiment, (Magna Carta, 1998) 
Ancestors  >>  Larry Fast's Synergy, Reconstructed Artifacts, (Third Contact, 2002) 
Arc Of A Curve  >>  Fish, 13th Star, (Chocolate Frog, 2008) 
Tapas Nocturne   >>  Morglbl, Grotesk, (Free Electric Sound, 2007) 
L'ami Deglingo  >>  Morglbl, Grotesk, (Free Electric Sound, 2007) 
Czyresyki  >>  Indukti, Live At Nearfest 2007, (LS, 2008) 
Georgia Pine  >>  Echolyn, The End Is Beautiful, (Velveteen, 2005) 
This Time Alone  >>  Echolyn, When The Sweet Turns Sour, (Cyclops, 1996) 
Rain Falls In Hanover  >>  Radio Massacre International, Live At Gagliarchives, (Lost Satellite, 2007) 
Legacy  >>  Radio Massacre International, Rain Falls In Grey, (Cuneiform, 2007) 
Nel Cielo E Nelle Altre Cose Mute  >>  Banco, Di Terra, (Virgin, 1978) 
Terramadre,  >>  Banco, Di Terra, (Virgin, 1978) 
L'Evoluzione  >>  Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso, Darwin!, (Dischi Ricordi, 1973) 
THE GPRN #1 CD: The Return Of Advotaken  >>  Mats/Morgan Band, Heat Beats Live, (Cuneiform, 2008) 
Spectral Mornings Steve Hackett, Spectral Mornings, (Charisma,1979)
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