Program 982 - Saturday, December 9th, 2006
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The GlobalProgressive Rock Network's Top 100 of 2006 Part III

Hidden Chapter  >>  Terje Rypdal, Vossabryg, (ECM, 2006) 
Prayer To The Sun/The Fashion Police  >>  Ray Russell, Goodbye Svengali, (Cuneiform, 2006) 
Look At The Bears!Look At The Bears!Look At The Bears!  >>  French TV, This Is What We Do, (Predator Fish, 2006) 
Been Here Before  >>  Derek Sherinian, Blood Of The Snake, (InsideOut, 2006) 
Station 9  >>  Nebelnest, Zepto, (Cuneiform, 2006) 
Cherokee  >>  McGill/Manring/Stevens, What We Do, (Free Electric Sound, 2006) 
Enter Nothingness  >>  Twisted Into Form, Then Come Affliction To Awaken The Dreamer, (Sensory, 2006) 
Shortest Day  >>  The Gathering, Home, (The End, 2006) 
Mysteries Of An Ancient Race  >>  Space Mirrors, Memories Of The Future, (Sleaszy Rider, 2006) 
Love In Blues  >>  Dejohnette/Goldings/Scofield, Trio Beyond: Saudades, (ECM, 2006) 
Grey Room  >>  Age Of Nemesis, Psychogeist, (Magna Carta, 2006) 
Awaiting The Call  >>  Advent, Cantus Firmus, (IND, 2006) 
Armchair Journey  >>  Ozric Tentacles, The Floors Too Far Away, (Magna Carta, 2006) 
Unstable Matter  >>  Spaced Out, Unstable Matter, (Unicorn, 2006) 
Specs Of Pictures Burnt Beyond  >>  Zero Hour, Specs Of Pictures Burnt Beyond, (Sensory, 2006) 
Break It Down  >>  Tony Levin, Resonator, (Narada, 2006) 
Moumoune And Mietz In The Sky With Diamonds  >>  Richard Pinhas, Metatron, (Cuneiform, 2006) 
CCS  >>  Dweezil Zappa, Go With What You Know, (Zappa, 2006) 
Civic Circus  >>  Univers Zero, Live, (Cuneiform, 2006) 
On An Island  >>  David Gilmour, On An Island, (EMI, 2006) 
Ego And Id  >>  Steve Hackett, Wild Orchids, (InsideOut, 2006) 
Hyperventilate  >>  Frost*, Milliontown, (InsideOut, 2006) 
To Bop Or Not To Be  >>  John McLaughlin, Industrial Zen, (Verve, 2006) 
GPS Culture  >>  The Tangent, A Place In The Queue, (InsideOut, 2006) 
I Walk Beside You  >>  Dream Theater, Score, (Rhino, 2006) 
Splinters  >>  White Willow, Signal To Noise, (Laser's Edge, 2006) 
Vermacide  >>  The Mars Volta, Amputechture, (Universal, 2006) 
Ewaz Vader  >>  One Shot, Ewaz Vader, (Le Tritone, 2006) 
Orpheus  >>  La Maschera Di Cera, Luxade, (Immagnifica, 2006) 
The Twyncyn/Trembling Willows  >>  Pure Reason Revolution, The Dark Third, (Sony/One Haven, 2006) 
THE GPRN #1 CD: Tetragrammaton  >>  The Mars Volta, Amputechture, (Universal, 2006) 
Spectral Mornings Steve Hackett, Spectral Mornings, (Charisma,1979)
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