Program 967 - Saturday, August 26th, 2006
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Bone Wars  >>  Woodenhead, Perseverance, (Free Electric Sound, 2003) 
Alison Miner  >>  Woodenhead, Music From The Big Green Warehouse,  (WH, 1996) 
Pulse Code  >>  Woodenhead, The Big Picture,  (Broken, 1992) 
Blood Of The Snake  >>  Derek Sherinian, Blood Of The Snake, (InsideOut, 2006) 
Phat  >>  One Shot, Ewaz Vader, (Le Triton, 2006) 
My River Flows  >>  Izz, My River Flows, (Doone, 2005) 
INTERVIEW WITH BILLY SHERWOOD  >>  Gagliarchives, Program 815, (LS, 2003) 
Days Of Wonder  >>  Sherwood/Squire, Conspiracy, (Purple Pyramid, 2001) 
Violet Purple Rose  >>  Sherwood/Squire, Conspiracy, (Purple Pyramid, 2001) 
Your Not The Only One  >>  World Trade, Euphoria, (Magna Carta, 1995) 
Mystic Cross  >>  Hands, Palm Mystery, (Shroom Angel, 1998) 
Zombieroch  >>  Hands, Hands, (Shroom Angel, 1996) 
Soft Machine  >>  Uzva, Niittoaika, (Silence, 2002) 
Night And Day  >>  Annie Haslam With Magenta, Night And Day, (F2, 2006) 
Essence Of Love  >>  Annie Haslam With Magenta, Night And Day, (F2, 2006) 
A Suite For The Everyman  >>  Echolyn, Suffocating The Bloom, (Bridge, 1992) 
Kalahari  >>  Morris Pert, Desert Dances, (NbyNW, 2006) 
Baktra  >>  Morris Pert, Desert Dances, (NbyNW, 2006) 
Vermillion Hue Over Lake Lausanne (for Nimal)  >>  Hamster Theater, Carnival Detournament, (Cuneiform, 2001) 
What Makes You Think This Is A Good Place To Bring A Date?  >>  Hamster Theater, Carnival Detournament, (Cuneiform, 2001) 
THE GPRN #1 CD: The Twyncyn/Trembling Willows  >>  Pure Reason Revolution, The Dark Third, (Sony, 2006) 
THE GPRN #1 CD: Nimos And Tambos  >>  Pure Reason Revolution, The Dark Third, (Sony, 2006) 
Spectral Mornings Steve Hackett, Spectral Mornings, (Charisma,1979)
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